The first few are recent, and only in this location. Lower section is obsolete. Better 'retro' stuff is on my ShareCG page.

Электронный конструктор (Elektronniy Konstruktor) 1983 Russian electronic breadboard set
Happy Bacterium, posable with expressive face
Trash bin with openable door
House, bed and expressions for MrSparky's wonderful Lady Danbo figure. Lady Danbo herself available here.
Diskagma Buttonii model, bendable, with mouth
Dendrogramma model, bendable
Express shopping basket
Radio Shack TM-175 tuner
BELOW HERE are obsolete models. Better versions in ShareCG.
1860 Cabin
1860 Beecher Church
1920 Door
1930 Bedroom
1930 Furniture
1940 Philco Floor Radio
1940 Delco Table Radio
1940 Lamp
1950 Curtains
1950 Phono (record changer action)
1950 Sectional sofa
1950 TV
Katrina Cottage
Magic 8-ball (with Python to randomly pick answers!)
Player Piano, all keys move.
Python code to drive the Player Piano from MIDI files.
Calliope, all keys move, emits steam from pipes.
Python code to drive the Calliope from MIDI files.
Renault R8, everything works!