Naturalizer: Creates idle animation. Blinking, breathing, other natural motions. Includes special versions for V4 and 'Little One'.
SnapTo. My favorite of all! Move currently selected object to clicked location.
Variant on SnapTo. Move currently selected camera to the clicked location.
HoldStill scripts. Take current position or setting into all frames.
Jiggles: Gives realistic motion to body parts, driven by velocity and acceleration.
UnhideParms: Shows all the parameters so you can adjust a figure more fully.
Hansel and Gretel. You draw a real-time path; apply it to an object in Poser.
Recorder / Player. Move the figure or object itself in real time, then apply those moves to the timeline.
NoPoke. Eliminates poke-through under clothing.
Z-Flatten. Flattens everything at current angle for toon effect.
Swap All: Various types of swapping of symmetry.
BVH Mixer. Imports BVH files in a better way than Poser's default. Lets you mix moves!
Smoother: mainly for BVH import. Removes 'glitchy' keyframes.
Sparsifier. Use when a walk or a BVH has keyed all frames. Eliminates unneeded keyframes.
Periodizer. Variant on Sparsifier: removes every n-th keyframe.
Oscillator. Sets up wave movements (sine, square, sawtooth) with controllable frequency.
Emphasizer. Strengthen, weaken or offset chosen moves.
Coupler. Sort of like temporary ERC: Make various parameters follow a master.
Random Pose. Creates randomly varied poses with settable randomness.
Bank and Dive. For airplanes and cars moving through curves, the script creates appropriate banks and dives.
Copier. Copies a range or frames to another frame.
Repeater. Copies a range or frames repeatedly.
Gravity bouncing: makes a ball fall or bounce to a stop.
Variable pose. Lets you apply a pose (single frame or animated) with varying strength.
Light Panel. Controls groups of lights in many ways; parents groups of lights.
Ashara's Lightball. Creates a light ball for global illumination
Bring Back Lights. Merges newly created lights with existing lights. (Poser normally eliminates existing.)
Delete All Children: deletes the selected prop with all of its child props.
Delete Lights: deletes all lights at once.
Delete Props: deletes chosen props from list.
Delete Magnets: deletes all magnets at once.
Morphs and Magnets
Exploder: explodes an object.
Group to morph: Precisely controlled morphs of selected areas.
Morph slicer: Split off part of a morph.
Eureka. Deforms a 'soft part' downward.
Group Mirror. Use the grouping tool to make a group; this script mirrors it to the other side.
Morph Mirror. Creates a mirrored morph, either on opp. side of centerparts or on opp. limb.
Magnet Mirror. Creates a mirrored magnet, either on opp. side of centerparts or on opp. limb.
Magnet Follower. Use a selected parameter to control a magnet elsewhere.
Make More Mags. From a mag on a body part, creates a 'parallel' magnet on same part of clothing.
Magnet Outline. Sets all magnets to outline-style display for easier vision.
Save Mag Morphs. Spawns a morph target from selected sets of magnets.
Workflow helpers
Loader. Multi-purpose helper to load lots of things at once, or to duplicate a prop or figure.
Talk Bubbles. For comic strips. Make talk-bubbles inside Poser. Includes a set of bubbles, and a script to write or draw on them.
Fake Grasp: gives a keyframe-able substitute for the hand-grasp morph.
Dial cleaners. Eliminate blank dials, eliminate PBM dials, etc.
Zero all. Sets all parameters to zero. Not same as Restore, because Restore often sets nonzero originals.
Zero morphs. Sets all morphs on current part to zero. Not same as Restore, because Restore often sets nonzero originals.
Set Static. Sets chosen parts to Static or not, so you can count on them to hold still while you move other parts.
Set Locked. Sets chosen parts to Locked.
Fingerspell: takes a text file, turns it into fingerspelling.
Foster parent: A substitute for Poser's parenting method.
Triple Graph. A substitute keygraph that lets you move two or three parts at a time.
No IK. A quick way to turn off IK for the whole figure.
RGB-KDC. A little calculator to convert RGB values to KD values and vice versa.
Visibility and materials
Hide All But: scripts to hide all but selected things.
Make Children Invisible. Hide, show, toggle a part and all its children.
Toggle Visibility by name. Just a little easier than the hierarchy window!
Find This (or Zoom To Extent). Sets camera to show currently selected item.
Walking Dolly or 'Me-Camera' Lets you move the Dolly cam with the arrow keys.
Steadi-Cam. Follows a walking or moving figure smoothly.
Substitute cam. Several ways to substitute either the Dolly or a new camera into the position of the Posing cam.
CR2 Helpers
Center and replace. When building a figure, Poser treats wheels like legs, pivoting them at the end. This finds the true center and writes it into the offset value.
Furniturize. To make a lean CR2 for inorganic figures.
MC6 - MT5 - PZ2. Mechanically converts PZ2 files to MC6 or MT5.
Render to thumb. Saves steps when creating a rendered PNG.
Strip zero morphs from CR2 or PZ2 or FC2 to make a lean file.